New Home Checklist: Top To-Do’s Before Moving In

By April 25, 2022 No Comments

Yes! You finally have keys to your new home! After months of searching, you now have the keys! So what’s next? Well here are a few important things to consider on your new home checklist. 

From getting new locks, getting copies of the keys, getting the utilities on, and coordinating movers to researching where the best ramen restaurant in town is, there are many things to do before moving into your new house.

We created a checklist that outlines what tasks to complete, when you should complete them, and what essentials you need. So whether you are moving into a new house in Newport Beach, CA or really anywhere read on.

New House Checklist

Preparation and communication are key when it comes to moving. Make sure you give yourself extra time to accomplish these tasks before getting settled in your new place. Some of these items can actually be completed or scheduled before your move.

  • Transfer utilities before closing; approx. 2 weeks to be completed
  • Research and schedule movers
  • Update your mailing address
    • the post office
    • tax agencies
    • utility companies
    • insurance providers
    • your employer
    • your bank
    • credit card companies
    • loan providers
    • online shopping sites
    • Friends and family
  • Set up internet, cable, and appliances
  • Keep in mind the layout of your home as you buy furniture
    • Need an interior designer? We know a few 😏
  • Change locks and get extra keys made
  • Update the home security
    • Including showing your pet(s) your new home before you move in
  • Deep clean each room
    • Don’t forget the air vents and the chimney
  • Stock each room with essentials
    • This includes checking the batteries for the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Schedule pick up or food delivery for your first night at your new home
    • Moving in is exhausting; do yourself a favor and plan on ordering in.

Preparing yourself for your new home will go a long way to save you time, money, and sleep. Don’t forget having an extra hand when it comes to moving will take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to relax. You can see our moving services here.