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Erin Loscialpo is the owner of Erin Loscialpo Design, an interior design firm and residential staging service that works with real estate agents throughout Orange County. Her company has a warehouse full of quality furniture and accessories that can make any home beautiful and ready for sale. With a need for a delivery company that could be available on short notice and provide professional white-glove delivery service, Loscialpo turned to bringpro.


“It was struggle to find a reliable moving and delivery company that could be available quickly,” Loscialpo said. “The first time I tried bringpro, I knew they were perfect.”

Loscialpo often gets last-minute calls from real estate agents who have just signed a listing agreement and want to have the house staged literally in days. Being able to respond quickly with quality furnishings has made Loscialpo’s service a favorite among real estate agents.

Loscialpo relies on the bringpro delivery professionals to pick up furniture and accessories at her warehouse, deliver them to the homes and help place the furnishings to create an appealing staged home.


Erin Loscialpo Design


Professional, fast, affordable furniture delivery service


Fast and professional white-glove delivery


With bringpro, it’s as if Loscialpo has her own fleet of trucks and drivers, without worrying about the overhead costs. She simply schedules bringpro as needed from her phone and fully licensed and insured professionals show up at an affordable $2 per minute cost.

The bringpro website and app make it easy for her to schedule in advance, or for rush projects, she can request on-demand, same-day service.

Because the bringpro delivery teams know Orange County well, they arrive at delivery locations quickly and on time. She can also track the bringpro truck using bringpro’s GPS tracking so she never has to wait wondering when they will arrive.

Every bringpro delivery features a team of two professionals who treat Loscialpo’s quality furnishings with white-glove service, ensuring that her clients — and future homebuyers — are delighted with the results.

When a home is sold, Loscialpo often has just a few days to remove all the furnishings. Because of her close working relationship with the bringpro teams, she can send them back to the home to pick up all the furniture and deliver it back to her warehouse without even needing to be on-site to oversee the project, which allows her to work on a new staging project.


Erin Loscialpo Design is a full-service interior design firm and residential staging company that works with real estate agents throughout Orange County. She creates beautiful home designs and  stages homes so they are ready for sale. Founded in 2015, Erin Loscialpo offers interior styles ranging from traditional to transitional, helping homes sell faster and for higher prices.


I go above and beyond to stage my clients’ homes for sale. The bringpro team provides white-glove delivery and set-up, which extends my positive reputation with all my clients.

I have such trust for bringpro that I’ve provided them with a key to my warehouse so they can pick up staged furnishings and deliver everything back to my warehouse without me needing to be there, saving me time to work on new projects.

The bringpro teams provide white-glove delivery and set-up services. All the furnishings are like new when they are installed and in perfect condition after they are picked up and returned to my warehouse. I couldn’t ask for more.

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