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You always get a great deal at Costco, especially on large or bulky items such as furniture and appliances. The struggle can be finding a way to get these items delivered to your home or office when they won’t fit in your car. The Costco stores in Laguna Niguel and San Juan Capistrano in Southern California have a solution. They refer their customers to bringpro, an on-demand professional delivery and set-up service with a cool mobile app that makes it easy to request service.


David Juarez, administrative manager at the Costco store in Laguna Niguel, said, “Our customers need a way to get large items, such as furniture, appliances or TVs, to their homes — and they don’t want to wait. We recommend bringpro for same-day or next-day delivery.”

Costco customers appreciate that they can use bringpro’s mobile app to get on-demand service or schedule a next-day delivery. Or, they can use the bringpro website or call the 800 number, whichever is easiest for them. Plus, they can track the delivery all the way to their home so a minute is never wasted waiting for their delivery to arrive.  At $2 per minute, bringpro is also easy on the budget.

With their uniforms, logoed truck and professional service, bringpro delivery teams instill trust in both Costco and its customers. “One of the things that sets bringpro aside from other delivery companies is that the delivery teams go the extra mile by taking the items into customers’ homes and will even help set things up,” Juarez added.


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Professional and affordable on-demand delivery service


Providing trustworthy and professional delivery


Costco customer Hedley Green recently purchased new sofas for his business, Get Real Recovery, based in San Juan Capistrano. Using the bringpro mobile app, he was able to get same-day pick-up and delivery of the furniture to his office.

Green said, “The bringpro team delivered our sofas on time, and we were impressed with how clean, professional and polite they were. We will definitely use bringpro again.”

“With bringpro, it’s like you have your own delivery service,” Green added. “It’s easy to schedule pick-up and delivery in advance or on demand to pick up products at Costco or anywhere else and have them delivered to your home or office. bringpro’s team will even set them up for you.”


Costco Wholesale is a multi-billion-dollar global retailer with warehouse club operations in eight countries. It is the recognized leader in its field, dedicated to quality in every area of its business and respected for its outstanding business ethics. Despite its large size and explosive international expansion, Costco provides a family atmosphere in which its employees thrive and succeed.


bringpro is a professional, reliable delivery and set-up service. I was very happy with their service, and I would definitely use them again.

Hedley GreenCostco Customer

We are happy to refer bringpro to our customers, as I know they will provide professional, trustworthy delivery to their homes.

David JuarezCostco Wholesale

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