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Questions about our storage service? See our Storage FAQ below.

What is BringPro Storage?

BringPro Storage is a quick and easy way to store your personal items without the hassle of going to self storage. Our employees are fully trained professionals ready to perform same-day or pre-scheduled delivery, moving, and storage requests. With a push of a button, you are now able to transport anything you want, when you want, and with the same ease as your favorite transportation app.

What storage services does BringPro offer?

BringPro offers pickup and packing services to take the hassle out of storing your items. 

BringPro can come to you to pick up your items and take them to our secured storage facility in Orange County. Pack and disassemble your items ahead of time for a budget-friendly option, just choose our Pick Up Only option. Don’t want to lift a finger? Upgrade to Pick Up and Packing, our team will pack your items plus ALL your standard boxes are FREE when we help you pack! 

How can I estimate what size storage space I’ll need?

For a size estimate, begin the quote process. If you are unsure of the space you will need you can speak to one of our customer service specialists, they are available 7-days a week. From here, you’ll tell us more about what you plan to store, and we’ll help you estimate the storage space that’s right for you.

If you choose the wrong plan size, BringPro can switch you to a larger or smaller plan. In the event you need more space and a second pick up, we will do our best to accommodate you that day; however, due to demand we may need to schedule your second pick up for another date. Avoid this by logging into your BringPro account and updating your Storage Inventory Catalog with images.

Does BringPro offer vehicle storage?

No, at this time we do not offer vehicle storage. We have partners that can assist you with your request. Please call our customer service team to discuss your vehicle storage needs.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the details of your request. For storage requests you can request a free quote. It only takes two minutes and you don’t even have to input your personal information until you’re ready to place the order! You can do that here!

Where is my stuff stored?

Your items are stored in our secure facility in Orange County.

How far in advance do I have to place an order?

Smaller moves and storage requests can be scheduled on the same day, within a few hours depending on availability. Bigger requests, such as household moves, must be placed at least 3 days prior.

Do I need to wait at the pickup location?

You don’t! We will send you an in-app notification and text message when your crew is on their way keeping you informed every step of the way. If it’s a store pickup, simply send us a picture of the receipt and we will take care of the rest.

What is included when you help me pack for BringPro Storage?

When you elect to have our team help you pack for storing your items with BringPro you get FREE standard boxes and packing materials. Specialty boxes and mattress covers can be purchased, if needed. Our crew will meet you at your pick up location and get to work right away! With this option there is a one hour minimum labor charge with a base rate of $160. Any additional time is just $1 per minute! That way you don’t have to worry about paying for extra time you don’t need or rushing to get everything done within a time constraint.

What to expect the day of the move?

On the day of your job, you will get an in-app notification when the crew is on their way to the pickup location. You will then be able to track them in the app as they transport your items to the destination.

When the order is completed, you’ll be able to pay and tip in the app with no cash needed. Please remember to let us know how we did by rating us in the app and leaving a review on any of our social media accounts!

What if I rent or own my own truck?

Our moving services that include a truck tend to be more economical and efficient than renting your own truck; however, if you prefer, we can also help you load and unload your own truck with our labor only services.

When will I be charged?

We do not charge you for your order until after the crew hits the complete button on their end. At that time you will be able to complete payment within the app and add an optional tip.

Where are BringPro services available?

BringPro services all of Southern California; however, at this time we are only providing our storage solution to Orange County residents.

What can I store with BringPro?

BringPro can store most household items, including boxes, furniture, appliances, artwork, electronics, and much more. With millions of items stored over our 5-years in business, we can handle nearly any household item. 

You can store just a small door room or an entire fully furnished home! 

Depending on your needs you can either pack your items yourself, or BringPro can pack them for you; plus if you elect for us to do it for you, you’ll get FREE standard boxes! In either case, we’ll store all of your items safely.

What items cannot be stored with BringPro?

For the safety of our team members, and all our customers’ belongings, BringPro cannot store: 

🥛 Liquids of any kind (including cosmetics and toiletries)

🍕 Food or perishables (including dried or canned food)

🎯 Firearms, guns, or ammunition

🔥 Flammable or combustible materials (no gasses, explosives, or asbestos)

☢ Hazardous materials (radioactive, chemical, or biological wastes)

👃 Items that emit smells or fumes

💊 Illegal or controlled substances

🌿 Live plants

🐠 Live animals or taxidermy

☸ Used tires

🎱 Pool tables

☠️ Human and animal remains

🎹 Pianos

🕰 Grandfather clocks

🛏 Mechanical furniture that has not been professionally disassembled, including Sleep Number beds

🐜 Items that show signs of infestation, or are at a location with signs of infestation (insects, rodents, mold)

🏋️‍♀️ Items our team cannot safely transport (unusually heavy or bulky items)

We’ve covered nearly everything above, but for the complete list of prohibited items, please see our Terms of Service. To keep our facilities clean and our team safe, BringPro may leave any location that presents unsafe or unsanitary conditions, or notices of eviction or foreclosure.

Can BringPro donate or discard items if I don’t want them back?

BringPro will deliver your items to a donation center as long as you coordinate with them, so they know we’re coming. Provide a “Day of Contact” at the donation center and confirm they are willing and able to take your donation. Any items that are not accepted will be delivered back to you at your expense.

What are you able to move and store?

Almost anything (unless it’s illegal)! We make retail deliveries, storage moves, small moves, donation drop-offs, specialty items, Craigslist/FB Marketplace deliveries, retail store to you home deliveries… you name it, we probably move it.

Are you insured?

You Betcha! We hire employees and own our own trucks, we are fully insured in the State of California. In addition to our Auto, Cargo, Workers Comp, and General Liability insurance we have the below licenses. All items we transport are covered at a rate of .60 cents per pound. This means if we damage an item that it 100 pounds, the maximum we would pay on a claim is $60. We encourage our storage customers to consider the protection plans we offer to give you peace of mind.

CA # 0530888

DOT #3162292

Public Utilities Commission Permit # MTR0191859

Damage Claim Process

Want to file a damage claim? Please fill out out damage claim form here and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours:  Damage Claim Form

How do I schedule a pick up?

You can call us at (800) 307-1170, book online here, or Download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Let us know a few details about your request and click submit. Yes – it’s that easy!

What Types of Household Moves Do You Offer?

  1. Just the big stuff: Get a lower price by having our crew move certain items, while you take care of the smaller ones. Just let us know exactly what items you need to take and we’ll get you an estimate on just that.
  2. Everything: Moving your entire place and want us to take care of everything? Select this option to avoid having to lift a finger. Just tell us a little bit about where you’re moving to and from and we’ll give you an estimate based on your details.

Both Household Move options include a vehicle, a two person professional crew, light disassembly/reassembly of certain items, and basic insurance for items moved

How do I prepare for my move or storage move?

Prior to your crew’s arrival, please make sure all items are packed in boxes or plastic tubs/bins, and large items are disassembled and placed in one area. Your crew will not be able to move items packed in trash bags. Any flat screens such as TVs and computer monitors must be packed in a TV box for your crew to transport them safely. We do not dismount items from the walls, please make sure these items are removed before we arrive.

We will provide moving blankets, straps, and plastic wrap.

If we are helping you pack for storage, we will provide FREE standard boxes; however, specialty boxes and mattress covers are not included and can be purchased for an additional cost.

How do I know my items are safe?

Your safety is our priority – which is why our employees are background-checked, must pass a drug screening, we provide blankets, straps, and plastic wrap for transportation, and all items are insured for both small deliveries and household moves. 

What is the cancellation policy?

There is no cost to reschedule but there is a $50 cancellation fee. Please note you must reschedule before 11:59pm the day before your scheduled job. In the event we start your job and you need to cancel or reschedule you will be charged no less than $159.99.

How do I close my account?

When you’re ready to move out of storage, log in to your BringPro account and schedule a Final Return for all of your items.

The return must take place prior to your next billing cycle to avoid paying another full month of storage. BringPro does not prorate monthly fees. Right after your items are returned, your account will be closed automatically. Your last bill will include both the service and labor fees for your final return appointment.