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Questions about our service? See our FAQ below

How can I request a job?

Download the app from any App Store or select “request delivery” on bringpro.com

  1. Create your account
  2. Post your job
  3. Track our pros and sit back and relax. Our pros do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

How does your scheduled delivery window work?

When you request a scheduled time slot you will be reserving the pickup time for your items and not the entire job. This means if you request a pickup window of 11-1, we will be at your first address within this time window.

If you request a time window for a business that isn’t open, we’ll push back your time window to allow two available hours. For example, if you request a 9-11 pickup but the business is not open until 10 am. Your actual time window will be 10-12 pm.

Do you offer white glove installations?

We will build and install most items that don’t require us drilling holes in walls or electrical work. Patio furniture, TV’s (on consoles), Rugs, Sofas, Etc. However, we do not take away trash. If you have any special requirements, please email us at support@bringpro.com.

How many people show up for my delivery?

Each job always has two pro’s so you’ll never have to lift a finger!

How many items can you deliver?

We’ll deliver anything that fits in our van, so load us up! If you have items that cannot fit, simply request a second delivery for an additional pickup. Our loading dimensions are 72” x 61” x 132” so bring on those big TV’s and couches.

What does bringpro service cost?

BringPro scheduled delivery service is $159 and same day service is $199 for the first hour. We charge $2 per minute for each minute after this initial period. The clock will start when we arrive at the pickup location until you sign off that the job has been completed at the last stop. Distances that exceed 15 miles will be prompted for an additional extended range fee.

Do you hang artwork?

At this time we do not hang artwork. However, our team is working on this to make your experience with us even better.

Maximum Weight Per Item

Although we have strong delivery teams, there is a maximum weight of 200 pounds per items that we deliver. If you should have an item that is above this, a second truck will need to be requested with the same pickup window selected. If you should post a job that exceeds this weight and only request one truck, we will reschedule your job to the next day and require a second truck be used.

How do I reschedule my job?

Simply log into your bringpro app, go to your customer dashboard and select upcoming jobs to find the rescheduling option.

Do you complete full house moves?

BringPro will move anything that fits in our vans as we do not have large moving trucks. Typically this would be limited to a one bedroom apartment.

What are your hours?

Office Hours: Mon – Sat 9:00am – 6pm Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Delivery Hours:  8:30am – 6pm Mon – Fri

Is there a cancellation or rescheduling fee?

If you would like to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your scheduled delivery, there will be a charge of $50 for all orders. If you’d like to cancel or reschedule your order prior to this, there will be no charge. Please email all cancellation requests to support@bringpro.com

Can I schedule for a later date or are you only same day delivery?

Yes, you can schedule for a later date in advance! Simply select the schedule option as you check out and a calendar will open up with all available dates and times. All scheduled orders will reserve a 2-hour time frame for our arrival. Once the driver is on his way to your first location, you’ll receive a text message with their eta.

Are there out of zone fees?

Our local market for delivery is Orange County California. However, jobs that have extended distances (Greater than 15 miles) will be prompted for an additional fee upon checkout.

Do you have supplies to protect my stuff?

All of our vehicles have straps, ramps, shrink wrap and lots of moving blankets to protect your items during transportation and delivery.

Are you insured?

You Betcha! Because we have our own vans and employ all of our drivers, we are fully insured in the state of California. In addition to our Auto, Cargo, Workers Comp and General Liability insurance we have the below licenses. All items we transport are covered at a rate of .60 cents per pound. This means if we damage an item that it 100 pounds, the maximum we would pay on a claim is $60.

CA # 0530888

DOT #3162292

Public Utilities Commission Permit # MTR0191859

Damage Claim Process

Want to file a damage claim? Please fill out out damage claim form here and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours:  Damage Claim Form

What is the best time to request a same day order?

Its best to post your job at least 90 minutes before you’d like your pick-up.Once your job is accepted, the driver will send you a tracking link so you can track them in real time. If you have specific needs, we’ll do our best to accommodate them. Please email us at support@bringpro.com

Will you deliver appliances?

Yes we will. However, we will not disconnect or install any gas or water lines.

Do you take toll roads?

We’ll take the fastest route possible for your delivery. Because of this, if there is a toll road that is required, we’ll add this cost to your order before it is completed.

Are you a moving company?

The short answer is no. We have a fleet of vans that can pickup your new and used household items and delivery them anywhere locally in Orange County. However, we are limited to what fits in our vehicles. If you have bulk needs, please call us at 800-307-1170 to discuss your request.