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MID (Moore Interiors and Designs) is an award-winning full-service residential and commercial design and staging company serving clients throughout Southern California. The MID team prides itself on delivering exceptional service with unusually fast results. With a need for a professional white-glove delivery service to handle same- or next-day deliveries and installations, they turned to bringpro.


“In our 10 years in business, we’ve used a lot of delivery companies, but until we found bringpro, we struggled to find one we could trust to provide professional, white-glove service on demand,” said Nicole Perrault, design associate.

MID strives to exceed its clients’ expectations for professionalism and speed of installations. According to Perrault, she often needs to have products picked up from multiple locations including designer showrooms, supply houses or MID’s own warehouse for delivery to client sites.

“We rely on bringpro delivery professionals to pick up furniture, flooring and other products and deliver them to the client location and then help place furnishings with the designer’s direction,” Perrault said.


Moore Interiors and Designs (MID)


White-glove Furniture Delivery Service


On-demand, White-glove delivery


MID relies on bringpro for on-demand, same-day deliveries and also schedules future deliveries. “It gives us peace of mind that bringpro bends over backwards to ensure that our deliveries and installations are done on time, every time,” Perrault said. “In one case, when the stone tile was too heavy for their vans, they quickly rented a truck and made the delivery on time. Their dependability is unmatched.”

Every bringpro delivery includes a team of two professionals who arrive in a bringpro van in clean, professional uniforms. They treat the clients’ furniture and accessories with white-glove service, ensuring that MID’s clients are delighted with the results. “Because they are so professional, our clients trust them to come into their homes,” Perrault said.

“The bringpro teams are exceptionally professional, pleasant and inspire trust, which makes it a pleasure to work with them,” she added. The MID team has gotten to personally know each of the bringpro delivery professionals and has their mobile phone numbers so they can call to prep them for deliveries and installations. “Having bringpro is like having our own fleet of trucks and drivers on call,” Perrault said.


MID (Moore Interiors and Designs) is a full-service interior design company serving high-end residential and commercial clients throughout Southern California. MID’s services also include residential staging of homes for sale. In business since 2007, Christina Moore and her team focus on creating unique spaces that are functional, beautiful and specifically designed to meet the clients’ needs.


Bringpro is accommodating, dependable and gets the job done right every time. It’s like having our own delivery and installation team on call.

We trust the bringpro teams to make deliveries to our client sites even when we are not there. With their professionalism, they inspire trust with our clients.

The bringpro teams always show up in clean uniforms and smiles on their faces. They don’t just deliver the furniture; they inspect everything to make sure there are no product concerns and engage with our clients to reassure them that everything is being done right.