5 MUST Have Packing Supplies

By March 7, 2022 No Comments

Moving or sending stuff into storage is a big job. While you’re deciding the fine details, you’ll need to stock up on packing supplies.

Everything you own should be securely packed away in order to get to your destination safely. It’s easy to underestimate how much to buy, so we’ve generated you a list of the 5 must have packing supplies. It’s better to be over-prepared than to be underprepared and scramble to pack things at the last minute or try to run out to purchase more supplies.

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Here is the list of the 5 essential packing supplies:

1. Bubble Wrap
Buying plenty of bubble wrap at the start is a great start. As you work your way through your home, you’ll find more fragile things than you expected. Even if you need to pack something small like a porcelain tea cup, bubble wrap will keep it safer from the bumps on the road than stuffing it between blankets or other kitchen supplies.

2. Sheets of Packing Paper
Don’t swap these for old newspaper. When you wrap belongings in newspaper, there’s a chance the ink will come off and stain whatever it touches. If that box is left untouched in storage for months at a time, the ink may never come out. The most experienced movers always recommend stocking up on packing paper. Crumple it up to provide cushioning around things like pots and pans or layer it between objects for less rattling around.

3. BringPro Boxes QR Coded
After you’ve spent a few days or weeks slowly packing your home, you’ll be ready to have your stuff picked up. With BringPro boxes labeled with your own dedicated QR code you’ll have a trusted, secure way to transport your belongings. They’re sealed tight and easy to carry, which makes them perfect for long-term storage.

4. Garbage Bags, Boxes of Them!
Think of packing as the cousin of spring cleaning. The more stuff you go through, the more junk you’ll find and the easier it will be to purge. It’s a great idea to donate what you can to local thrift stores, but you’d be surprised at how much trash you’ll end up separating. Buy at least 3 different colored boxes of garbage bags to use before and after you move. It’s an easy way to tell things apart so you don’t accidentally pack trash or items you were intending to donate, or worse throw out what you want to keep. #Oups

5. Packing Tape
There are always reasons to need packing tape. You never know when you’ll need to reinforce an item or tape up something that’s loose. Buy extra rolls and keep them within arms reach.

All these extra moving supplies will need a place to stay while you work your way through them. It’s a good idea to plan where you’ll store them, like on a designated countertop or in a specific cabinet. Having everyone know where the supplies are stored, you’ll know where to go for more tape, bubble wrap or extra boxes. The hard part will be making sure everyone puts the supplies back when they are done using them… sorry no good tips for that.