8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Movers

By March 25, 2022 No Comments

Let’s admit it; moving can be stressful and not on anyone’s list of fun activities. If you’re looking to take a load off your back, and your friends and family list of favors, here’s a short guide for avoiding common mistakes when hiring a moving company.


  1. Hiring the first company you find online.

Researching can be tedious and time consuming. Looking at reviews on Google and Yelp, checking out their website to make sure it’s not stuck in the 90’s, and trying to understand any differences and nuances in the terminology they use. All that work researching multiple moving companies in your search for the perfect one is worth your time investment! No one wants to overspend on a bad experience.

When looking into various companies, make sure to check their ratings, reviews, references, state licenses, and insurance before committing to one. Get quotes from the top candidates, and don’t just accept the first company that gets back to you. Compare them against each other to find the most reliable option–not necessarily the cheapest. BringPro is a 5-star rated company, backed by modern technology, let us help you on your next move.

  1.  Accepting a word-of-mouth estimate

When obtaining estimates, always make sure you get them in writing and request a detailed list of the costs before agreeing to it. Doing this ensures that no changes can be made off-record and held against you later. With high inflation and the daily increase in gasoline prices; talk to the companies about any upcoming price increases that may impact your move such as fuel surcharges on top of double drive time.


  1. Not booking in advance

Procrastination is unfortunately easy when it’s a task as boring as researching moving companies; however, it can cost you more than just a higher bill. If you wait until the last minute, less than two week’s notice, most if not all the reliable companies will be fully booked. You can hope there is a last minute cancellation and they can take you or you’ll either have to take the risk with a less reputable company. As a least favorable option you can always reschedule your move.


Rescheduling is not always really an option, depending on your landlord, you may have to pay holdover fees and a mountain of other late fees or extra charges. You could also place your items in self storage; but with those long term contracts is that really an option? 


  1. Forgetting to ask about hidden fees and surcharges

Some companies sneak hidden fees or add surcharges into the fine print of their estimates and contracts. Be direct with your questions and ask about any hidden charges or surcharges for gasoline before booking. Rather than assuming there won’t be extra costs, make sure there are none asking directly.


  1. Not realizing summer is the most expensive time to move

Summer is California’s time to shine. The warm weather, kids out on break, and people heading out for vacations with relatively relaxed schedules seems like the perfect time to move; however, for moving companies, it’s the busiest time of year. The peak time for moving is from May through September. With higher demand comes higher prices. Check if the movers you are considering use these peak times to increase their pricing. At BringPro, our pricing does not increase with the seasons, see if we can help you with your next move.


  1. Failing to inform your movers of all the details of your move

Your movers want to work quickly and efficiently to finish the job within the estimate they provided you. Help you and them by providing as many details about your move before it begins. Let them know about any stairs, extra heavy, delicate, or specialty items, pets they should watch out for, and any other potential problems they could face. Anything, even if it is small that you think would help them do their job better, share it. That way, they’ll come prepared with the right equipment to make your move run smoothly. Help them help you!


  1. Not getting liability coverage

It may feel like spending the extra cash on liability coverage isn’t worth it, but in the event of a disaster, you’ll be glad you had it. Accidents and unforeseen circumstances happen, and there’s a chance your items get lost or broken. If you invest in liability coverage, you’ll ensure you get money back for any potential damages. It’s worth the fee, and if anything happens, your future self will thank you.


  1. Under estimating the time it’s going to take

You are looking at your 3-bedroom apartment and thinking, we can get this done in half a day. In reality it will likely take all day. Don’t underestimate the time it will take the day of to SAFELY move your items from your current location to your new one. If the moving company recommends another person or crew to assist, ask how will that increase the cost by and how will that impact the time it takes to move. More bodies should mean a faster move but only if they are there to move and groove!