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3 Ways to Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning!

By April 19, 2019 January 27th, 2022 No Comments

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” Marie Kondo

No one looks forward to cleaning, but when it’s done, we’re usually happy that we put in the effort. There are so many benefits to it: stress-relief, happiness, dust removal, relieves allergies…

Now saying all of that, here are some things that we found ourselves doing that can kickstart some ideas for your own Spring Cleaning!

1. De-Clutter

Paperwork: Take this opportunity to create a paper-free office and home. Take all that paperwork you have stacked, scan it and then shred it. When new paperwork/mail comes in, scan it immediately and get rid of it!

Kitchen: Go through your spices, pantry, refrigerator/freezer, and junk drawer to get rid of stuff that’s expired or you’ll never use. You’ll be surprised how much collects without you noticing.

Makeup: A girl can never have too much makeup available! However, there’s always some of it that just sits there collecting dust. Get it out of there!

2. Replace Overused Items

Doormats: When was the last time you gave your doormats attention? They are one of the most used items around the house and likely could use a replacement.

Kitchen Towels: Here’s another household item that could use some freshening up.

Makeup Brushes: When was the last time you replaced these? It might be time to buy a new brush kit soon.

3. Clear Out Old Furniture

You’ve probably been putting this one off for quite a while since it’s not easy to move furniture out. Here’s how we would suggest making this process easier. Use Facebook Marketplace and mention that you can even have it delivered to your buyer’s house. How, you might ask? Well, I know a company that can help with that… Give us a call at 949-409-0299!

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