VIP Rewards Terms and Conditions

VIP Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

BringPro Inc. VIP Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

The BringPro VIP Rewards Program (“Program“) is a rewards program offered by BringPro Inc., a Delaware corporation (“BringPro“, “us”, “we”) that provides Clients certain Rewards. These General Terms and Conditions and any additional terms associated with specific Rewards (collectively, “Terms”) apply to the Program. By participating in the Program, you (“you”, “your”, or “Member“) agree to these Terms.

  1. Eligibility. To be eligible for the Program you must:

(a)  Be a current BringPro interior design customer with an active BringPro account in good-standing, and have spent a minimum of twenty thousand dollars and zero cents ($20,000.00 USD) in the past calendar year (“Account”);

(b) Be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of one of the fifty (50) United States


(c) Enroll in the Program by following the procedures under Section 2. 


Employees are not eligible to participate in the Program. The Program is limited to one (1) Account per customer/household/business and may not be transferred. If a Client has multiple Accounts, the Account with the Client’s longest Tenure shall be deemed to be the Program Account, but Rewards may be applied to the other Accounts. Customers who only receive BringPro services through bulk or similar accounts, agreements, or arrangements through which services are paid by a third party, are not eligible to participate in the Program unless such customers have established individually billed Accounts and are purchasing required service(s) under that Account. Members who redeem certain Rewards may be ineligible to redeem additional identified Rewards within specified periods.       


  1. Enrollment. To enroll in the Program, you must fill out this form or (1) login using your BringPro credentials and (2) click to enroll in the Program. By clicking to enroll you are accepting the Program Terms. Eligible BringPro customers who enroll in the Program are referred to herein as “Members” or a “Member”. 


  1. Program Tiers. There are four (4) tiers (“Tier(s)”) of membership in the Program: Bronze, Sliver, Gold, and Platinum.  Each Tier and Rewards made available for each Tier will correspond to the amount spent during the previous twelve (12) months, a Member’s Account must remain continuously active and in good-standing, as determined by BringPro in its sole discretion (that is your “Spend”).

(a) As your Spend increases and you advance Tiers, you will be eligible for more Rewards.


(b) Your initial Spend will be determined by the amount spent for BringPro services in 2022 or the amount your account is on pace to spend in 2022, whichever is greater, to qualify. After the initial determination each Member’s Tier will be determined by the following calendar year’s total amount Spent.


(c) If any of your BringPro services are for any reason are overdue or become overdue during your Membership, you will not be eligible to receive Rewards and your account will be suspended. If you are reinstated and eligible for service under the Account within 30 days of being suspended, your Spend status at the time of suspension shall be reinstated. If you do not rectify your account so it can be reinstated, you will be automatically removed from the Program. You may not redeem Rewards once you cease to be a Member.    


Each Tier will unlock certain benefits for Members to enjoy in the Program. Tier thresholds are solely determined by BringPro and are subject to change. All Rewards must be redeemed within the calendar year they are given. Rewards do not rollover and expire annually on December 31. The current Tier thresholds, are as follows:

  1. Bronze VIP – Designers spending at least $20,000.00 – $39,999.99 USD
    1. One (1) free pick up from Los Angeles, up to 3 items, for storage in BringPro warehouse. Time and date of pickup will be based on BringPro’s availability. 
    2. One hundred dollars ($100.00) credit to use towards any BringPro pick up, delivery, installation, and/or labor services.
  2. Silver VIP – Designers spending at least $40,000.00 – $59,999.99 USD
    1. Two (2) free pick ups from Los Angeles or San Diego, up to 3 items, for storage in BringPro warehouse. Time and date of pickup will be based on BringPro’s availability. 
    2. Two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) credit to use towards any BringPro pick up, delivery, installation, and/or labor services. 
    3. Fifty percent (50%) off art hanging fees for one (1) installation, does not include a reduction in labor cost, maximum of six (6) pieces of art.
  3. Gold VIP – Designers spending at least $60,000.00 – $79,999.99 USD
    1. Four (4) free pick ups from Los Angeles or San Diego, up to 3 items, for storage in BringPro warehouse. Time and date of pickup will be based on BringPro’s availability.
    2. Five hundred dollars ($500.00) credit to use towards any BringPro pick up, delivery, installation, and/or labor services. 
    3. Free art hanging for one (1) installation, cost of labor still applies, maximum of six (6) pieces of art per install.
  4. Platinum VIP – Platinum VIP – Designers spending at least $80,000.00+ USD
    1. Six (6) free pick ups from Los Angeles or San Diego, up to 3 items, for storage in BringPro warehouse. Time and date of pickup will be based on BringPro’s availability. 
    2. One thousand dollars ($1,000.00) credit to use towards any BringPro pick up, delivery, installation, and/or labor services. 
    3. Free art hanging for three (3) installations, cost of labor still applies, maximum of six (6) pieces of art per install. 
    4. Free Full Value coverage on all your items in our warehouse. 
    5. Free returns for items in the warehouse. 
    6. No disposal fees for items in the warehouse.


  1. Rewards: Rewards may include access to special events, limited-time offers, service discounts, and other Rewards as may be established by BringPro and offered under the Program from time to time. Rewards are referred to in these Terms as “Rewards” or a “Reward”.


The Rewards available to a Member at any given time will depend on that Member’s Tier level and are only available while supplies last. Rewards may be changed at any time by BringPro. Rewards may have additional terms that apply, including without limitation, additional terms from any third-party company supplying the Reward (“Rewards Partner(s)”), an expiration date or other conditions. Members may be required to share information with BringPro or any Rewards Partner in order to receive that Reward. BringPro is not responsible for the acts or omissions of any Rewards Partner, including for the fulfillment of any Rewards. The information provided to the Rewards Partner to claim or use a Reward is subject to the privacy policy of the Rewards Partner. Only the primary Account owner of the Member’s Account can claim and use Rewards.  Members can check their individual Account for Reward details, including availability, claim instructions, information about expiration dates that may apply, and order status by calling or email BringPro Support at 800.307.1170 and support@


Rewards have no cash value (unless required by law) and cannot be sold, resold, returned exchanged, or substituted, except by BringPro who may in its sole discretion substitute Rewards at any time. BringPro is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Rewards. If a Member lists a Reward for sale, or sells a Reward, the Reward may be forfeited and voided. BringPro is not responsible for any taxes incurred by Members in connection with Rewards. BringPro may be required to report taxable amounts related to Rewards to appropriate taxing authorities. Some Rewards may only be available to residents of a particular area or state. Rewards are subject to change, alteration, substitution, or termination by BringPro in its sole discretion at any time.


Unless otherwise stated as part of a Reward, transportation to/from a Reward event will not be included. Rewards event dates, times and seating are determined at BringPro’s sole discretion and are subject to change. If a Member or their guest(s) cannot attend an event on the specified date, the Reward will be forfeited. BringPro is not liable for replacing any lost, mutilated, or stolen tickets to Rewards events. If any Reward event, or any events in connection with it, do not take place as scheduled, or are cancelled for any reason, including due to Acts of God (such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, and floods), acts of terrorism, epidemic, pandemic, civic disturbances, work stoppage or any other natural disaster (“Force Majeure Event”), the Reward will not be offered and no substitution or compensation will be provided.


Individuals must be twenty-one (21) years or older to drink alcohol at any Reward event(s). Rewards events and tickets will be available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. Each Rewards event and Rewards ticket will have its own terms that apply. Members and their guest(s) agree to comply with all applicable event and ticket terms, rules and regulations, including, but not limited to, event venue regulations. BringPro and the applicable venue for the Reward event reserve the right to deny entry to, or remove Members and their guest(s) from the venue if Members or their guest(s) engage in disruptive behavior, with no further compensation or liability of any kind to Members and their guest(s) (as applicable). Participation in the Program, including the use of a ticket and/or attendance at a Reward event and related events constitutes a Member’s permission for BringPro and its designees to use Members’ and their guests’ name(s), recordings, comments and/or likenesses and photos in advertisements and social media for purposes of advertising and trade without further compensation to Members and their guest(s), unless prohibited by law.


Rewards may fall under a number of categories, including, but not limited to, the following: 

(a) Surprise and Delight Rewards: Surprise and Delight Rewards are limited to Members as of a certain date and provided without prior notice. Surprise and Delight Rewards may include, but are not limited to, ticket opportunities for certain music, shows, entertainment and sporting events located throughout the United States. Tickets can also include special access to experiences. Each Surprise and Delight Reward will have its own terms that apply.


(b) Offers and Discounts: Rewards may include access to limited time offers and discounts for BringPro services, as well as offers and/or discounts from our third-party partners. Each offer or discount will have its own terms that apply.


  1. Communications with BringPro and Privacy: By becoming a Member in the Program, Members agree to receive advertising, marketing materials and other communications from BringPro related to the Program and will automatically be subscribed to receive Program emails. Members agree that BringPro may send them transactional messages and information about the Program via email, mail, text or push notifications to their mobile device. If Members do not wish to receive non-transactional communications, Members can request these communications be discontinued by visiting the BringPro Notification Preference Center inside their account.
  2. Changes, Termination and/or Removal From Program: BringPro may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, and/or modify, these Terms, its website, Program rules, regulations, Rewards, benefits, eligibility for becoming a Member, and/or any other feature of the Program (including assigning any of its obligations to customers under the Program at any time to another person or entity, without recourse), or may terminate the Program at any time at its sole discretion, with or without notice. It is Members’ responsibility to check and review these Terms from time to time to keep informed of any changes. By joining the Program, Members agree to be bound by all such changed Terms.


If a Member terminates their Account, a Member ends all of their eligible services (subject to the provisions under Section 3), a Member’s Account is no longer considered to be in good-standing, or a Member’s Program participation otherwise terminates, that Member will forfeit any unused Rewards or benefits available. BringPro may monitor Members’ Program participation and activity for compliance with these Terms. BringPro may suspend or terminate a Member’s Program participation at any time. Members may lose benefits or the ability to claim new benefits in the Program if their Account status changes, they fail to make payments on their Account, if BringPro suspects fraudulent activity, the Member sells any Rewards received from the Program, or BringPro makes changes to the Program.


BringPro reserves the right to exclude individuals from the Program in its sole but reasonable discretion. In particular, any abuse, manipulation or “gaming” of the Program or these Terms (as determined by BringPro), failure to follow any terms of the Program, any misrepresentation or any conduct detrimental to the interests of BringPro not otherwise protected by law may subject Members to Membership revocation or deduction of Tier status obtained through the activities described in this section and may affect eligibility for further participation in the Program. Membership is non-transferable and Membership claims and redemptions must be made by the Member. Except as provided in Section 3, if a Membership is revoked or otherwise canceled, any Tier status in the applicable Program Account will automatically expire.  


  1. Limitation of Liability; Releases:




Neither BringPro nor any ticket venue or Rewards Partner shall have any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any property loss, damage, personal injury, or death, in connection with any Reward provided as part of the Program and/or any person’s participation in any Reward event or related events. When a Member claims and/or uses a Reward or otherwise participates in the Program, the Member releases BringPro, its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries, all Rewards Partners, and their officers, employees and agents from all claims, actions, causes of actions and damages, including without limitation, claims of personal injury, including death, property damage, and infringement of rights of publicity, arising out of the use of Rewards, or in connection with participation in Rewards events or the Program. BringPro and Members agree to limit claims against each other for damages or other monetary relief to direct damages only. This limitation and waiver will apply regardless of the theory of liability. This limitation of liability also applies if a Member brings a claim against any Rewards Partner, to the extent BringPro would be required to indemnify such company against any claims. Members agree that BringPro is not responsible for problems caused by any Rewards Partner or an event venue, Member, others, or by any Force Majeure Event.


  1. These Terms incorporate and supplement the BringPro License Agreement for Warehouse Services. 


  1. The headings in this Agreement are for reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of this Agreement.


  1. If any term or provision of this Agreement is invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect any other term or provision of this Agreement or invalidate or render unenforceable such term or provision in any other jurisdiction.


Additional Information on the Program: To address any questions regarding the Program, please call or email BringPro Support at 800.307.1170 and support@